We left Tiberius today driving from the beautiful Sea of Galilee en route to Jerusalem through the center of Samaria. We had a fun new tour guide Michael for the day. He shared his passion for Jesus and Jerusalem. He is a great young man who loves the Lord and wants everyone to experience that same loving relationship.
It is a gift for us to be where Jesus showed Himself to the world. Today we crossed the border into the West Bank area. Yes we were in the area of the world that has been in the news for a long time. We shopped and ate there and had a great time.
We spent time at Gideon’s Springs. We reenacted the choosing of the best soldiers who drank from the spring.
We also visited Jacob’s Well and drank from the well, If you can watch the video you will see Tom Hurt reeling up the bucket from 200 feet down into the well. The Greek Orthodox church has been attacked over 50 times in the last 20 years. This is where Jesus met the Samaritan woman.
We also visited a sight where Herod the Great built a Roman temple of Augustus in honor of Caesar Augustus . This part of the journey was hot and very windy but exciting,

As we drove into Jerusalem our group prayed the Covenant of Abraham to begin our time in the city.
We finished the evening with a stroll to the Wailing Wall. What an incredible sight of so many praying there. (It was so incredible that the first group to leave the wall in a taxi got lost—remember it was the driver who got lost. We arrived back after all the other taxis arrived.)

This day brought us to the Holy City which is where we will spend the next 5 days exploring more of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, Wish you were here!

Jon and Sheryl Strutz


One thought on “Saturday

  1. How awesome a trip this must be for all. Praying for each of you. To God be the glory and may He provide layers of insight and joy to your faith as you follow His earthly walk


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