Our day began overlooking a panoramic view of the Holy City. We talked of the many ways Jerusalem shows fulfillment of scripture and acknowledgement of Christ as Savior. Acts 1 says “He appeared to them over a period  of 40 days”…you will receive power when the HOly Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

We took some time to pray and reflect on the steps Jesus climbed on the way to the cross. His words “Be still and know that I am God came alive as we thought about His suffering and fortitude on that journey.

Church of the NativityWe spent time in Bethlehem. As a fulfillment of prophesy we viewed the church of the nativity which is the oldest church building in Christendom built where the stable was located for the birth of Christ. What a joy to be where our Savior came to us as a baby. 40 years ago there were 70% of the population in Bethlehem that were Christians. Now  only 7% are Christians. We were challenged by our tour guide to pray for this country.

cave.jpgWe ended our day at the Shepherds Field and sang Christmas songs, read the Christmas story and listened to a great devotional by our Superintendent Randy. It was exciting to be where the shepherds could have watched their flocks during Jesus’ time!

Tomorrow is our final day. We have learned a ton. We have prayed a lot. We have felt the presence of the Lord so much. Hopefully we can be a blessing when we return!

Jon and Sheryl Strutz


One thought on “Bethlehem

  1. We are to be a light to everyone we meet, to share the “GOOD NEWS” of Jesus to a fallen world. Let all that I have learned on this great pilgrimage spill forth from my heart and lips to share this message! Learning so much, my Bible has come to life…the stories are REAL!!


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